Asish Thakur Chairman & Executive Director

Asish initiated Glocal Private Limited with an objective of filling the gap between education and employability, with the ranges of training, engagement, and empowerment programs. Within Glocal, he initiated platforms like Glocal Teen Hero to appreciate, award, and recognize teenagers doing something credible in Nepal, which also is the first franchise program to be taken outside Nepal to multiple countries; his focus is towards developing Skills and entrepreneurial mindset in the youths.

Asish also is the immediate past advisor for Youth, Skill and Education to Chief Minister to Bagmati Province, Nepal. Asish serves as the National Convener to Nepal Britain Chamber of Commerce and Industry- Youth Chapter.

Asish also serves as the Director to Agrima Academy, a 3 decade old amongst the first, Technical and Vocational Educational Institute of Nepal affiliated to CTEVT.

Asish is a MBA & Sustainable Development graduate.

Asish has also been recognized as Forbes Fellow 2018 by Forbes Media and having been visited different programs like SUSI, invited by the State Department of US to the United States of America, Next Gen Democracy Leaders Network program, invited by the Government of India. He tries to create different platforms for exposure and skill enhancement in youths. His mantra is “collaborate and initiate changes”.