Ayush Dutta Information Technology Officer

Ayush Dutta, an accomplished IT professional, currently serves as the IT Officer at Glocal Pvt Ltd. With a background in Data Engineering, Ayush brings a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic thinking to his role.

Before joining Glocal Pvt Ltd, Ayush worked as a data engineer, where he honed his skills in data modeling, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, and database management. His passion for technology and problem-solving led him to transition into the IT domain

Ayush oversees system optimization, cybersecurity, innovation, and project management. His collaborative leadership style fosters open communication, empowering team members to contribute to technological advancements. Outside of work, Ayush is an avid cricket enthusiast, applying his analytical mindset to both technology and sports. His journey exemplifies adaptability and commitment to leveraging technology for business growth at Glocal Pvt Ltd.