A panel discussion aims to bring together the best talent in an area so that a group of experts can share and take advantage of the experience of others. Typically, panel discussions have a goal in mind, whether it’s to introduce a new concept, spread facts, show different points of view, get people to think in a new direction, or any one of a hundred other possibilities.

CEO Unplugged 2022 is a one-day event comprising a series of panel discussions to establish a forum to discuss contemporary business challenges, opportunities and futuristic views with a sight of experiential learning to the newcomers in the business. The event focuses on giving youths an opportunity to meet the movers and shakers of the different entrepreneurial world. Therefore, the event moves with the motto “TODAY MEETS TOMORROW”.

It is a platform to learn from renowned CEOs as they share their core knowledge, wisdom, strategy and tactics in a company lifecycle which helps to gain a new perspective and discover emerging trends required to accelerate and sustain growth in Skills. The enthusiasts also got the chance of sharing some great conversation, resources, networks, and innovative ideas with renowned personalities. The industry’s top leaders will discuss the hottest trends, their priorities, the emerging opportunities, and the main growth segments, while also answering questions from the audience. 

Distinguished into two different panels that have a unique story to tell to the audience, CEO Unplugged’s first panel will cover the topic of “Rethinking Strategies for Sustainable Growth Balancing Priorities.”

The panel discussion will share a panel on the conceptual frameworks for the integration of sustainable growth and the need to balance priorities. This can only take place when the needs of all of the people are met along with an efficient and sustainable approach.

It is our pleasure to have Ms. Upassana Poudel, CEO at United Insurance Co. (Ltd. ); Mr. Manoj Gyawali, General Manager at Nabil Bank; Ms.Benazir Khan, Regional Sales Manager, Turkish Airlines Nepal for this insightful panel discussion. During this session, Ms. Pooja Dangol, corporate trainer, will moderate the discussion.

Likewise; the second panel will cover the topic of “Shaping the Future of Accelerated Skills Transformation”. In the panel discussion, the panelists will share their take on this issue in context to Nepal and give the participants insight as to how they can shape the future with an accelerated skills transformation.

For this insightful panel discussion, we are delighted to introduce Mr. Karan Vaidya, Vice President at Vaidya Group; Mr. Deependra Bajracharya, Account Executive, World Wide Inside Sales, Sydney Microsoft; and Ms. Lima Adhikari, Executive Member at Nepal Chamber of Commerce as our panelist for the discussion. The session will be moderated by Mr. Rajiv Sharma, Managing Director, Jobs Dynamics Pvt. Ltd.

Today’s Leaders of different organizations will be meeting the torchbearers of today. Do tune in to witness a thought-provoking panel discussion and show your support for this extremely important discussion!


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