Kajol Jha Thakur Associate Director

Kajol Jha is the Associate Director at Glocal Pvt. Ltd. – a training and consulting firm that works in the areas of education, entrepreneurship and skilling.

Kajol also serves as Co-founder and Managing Director of Glocal Academy of Skills Pvt. Ltd, a training and educational firm that leads an e-learning platform: Glocal After School that intends to develop employability skills. Kajol is the Global Lead of Glocal Teen Hero Project and heads the franchise to India, Sri-Lanka, and Bangladesh.

She also serves as the Director at Agrima Academy and Cozy Home B&B. She is engaged as Secretary to Nepal Youth Chamber of Nepal Chamber of Commerce, Youth Coordinator to Nepal Women Chamber of Commerce & Committee Member at Swadesi Abhiyan – CNI.

She is also currently serving as Club Growth Director for Area 1-District 41, for the term 2022-23 and Associate VPM at Everest Toastmasters Club. She is skilled and holds experience of conducting and managing different projects.

In addition to being a business enthusiast, Kajol loves to travel and engage in outdoor activities esp. sports. Also, a self-proclaimed wonderful cook by trial and error, she loves to treat people to her delicacies.