Sunila Dhungel Career Counselor

Sunila Dhungel, a dedicated and compassionate professional with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Psychology from TU. Equipped with a strong foundation in human behavior and social dynamics, Sunila is committed to making a positive impact through her unique blend of skills and experiences in the field of psychology. She sees challenges as stepping stones to understanding, setbacks as lessons in resilience, and success as a testament to the transformative power of compassion and insight.
With a genuine passion for engaging with new people, she values the unique stories and perspectives each individual brings to the table. Her remarkable ability to connect on a personal level, combined with an empathetic approach, allows her to build trust and establish a safe space for open communication.
Backed by practical experience gained through internships and real-world applications of her education, she boasts a proven track record of delivering impactful interventions and support. Her work spans diverse populations, showcasing adaptability and cultural sensitivity in addressing the varied needs of individuals.