Swarnika Shakya Information Technology Officer

Swarnika is a B.Sc(Hons) Computing graduate acquiring
First Class Honors from The British College, Leeds Beckett University. She is working as The Sole IT Officer at Glocal Private Limited. She has also worked on the Census 2078 project at the Central Bureau of Statistics, Nepal.

She was the facilitator of the “Minecraft Hour of Coding” workshop at the Skill Week 2023 event organized by Glocal After School. It is about understanding computer science fundamentals and coding with JavaScript (Blockly) and creating one’s own Minecraft game.

She finds comfort in singing, dancing, writing, and creating music. Some of her incredibly creative hobbies include digital art and sketching. She prefers to watch series more than movies. She enjoys experimenting with new endeavors & activities.

She frequently espouses the viewpoint that
“We should go on living in this chaotic world no matter what the circumstances.”.