Glocal Pvt. Ltd. organizes the monthly series of youth-focused discussion session known as Coca-Cola presents Youth Dialogue.  It is a platform where different people from different sectors share their experiences, challenges, and motivations.

Youth dialogue delivered fascinating sessions on a variety of topics like sport, environment, entertainment, business, culture, and tourism to develop skills for an ever-changing market. The speakers of the program include youth influencers, skillful people, entrepreneurs, politicians, and celebrities. The discussion series is one hour long and includes a live audience.

The Twelfth episode of Coca-Cola presents Youth Dialogue conversed on the topic “Today’s Youth for Tomorrow’s World” and ended with a successful presence of students amidst an event held at the premises of United College, Kumaripati, Lalitpur. The dialogue had the presence of two distinguished panelists as the invitees of the Youth Dialogue and they were:

  1. Ms. Sneh Rajbhandari, Public Affairs, Communication and Sustainability, Director Coca-Cola, Nepal,
  2. Ms. Sadichha Shrestha, Former Miss Nepal, Entrepreneur

The discussion was moderated by Ms. Saru Pyakurel, Corporate Manager at Glocal Pvt. Ltd.

Here is the gist of the discussion,

Talking about their first impressions when they hear about youths, despite having differing definitions of youths, Ms Sneh shared that young people as having spirit, enthusiasm, and a creative mind. She further stated that she prefers to emphasize “today’s youngsters are for now” as opposed to “today’s youth is for tomorrow.” Regarding the same question, Ms. Sadikshya Shrestha added that young people are those who persevere through hardships and try again.

Ms. Shrestha appreciated dealing with young people when asked about their perception of the future, stating that they are determined to build a better future for themselves and can solve their difficulties with ease. She encouraged the young people to work hard rather than expect results right away. Ms Sneh added that the students should consider intergenerational relationships. She advised one should be able to express themselves to people, and they should grab any opportunities that offer themselves.

When asked about the initiatives Coca-Cola has been undertaking to engage and empower young people in our nation, Ms Sneh responded that the business supports innovation. Coca-Cola has been collaborating with ISAC, Glocal and other groups over the past few years that involves youths.

Ms. Sadikshya shared her thoughts on the evolution of the definition of “future ready” when asked, stating that young people are knowledgeable, capable, aware of the needs of the future, and aware of the necessary abilities that will prepare them for it.

How possibilities can be provided to young people?

When asked how possibilities can be provided to young people so that they are positively motivated toward the nation and the rest of the globe, Ms. Sneh stated that Bottlers Nepal is constantly seeking a variety of resources that are open to everyone for their companies. The company regularly employs skilled individuals from a variety of groups, including disabled people, women, and young intern programs. In order to solve all difficulties and seize all chances, she also challenged young people to be more flexible, skilled, and adaptable. Ms Sadikshya added, because opportunities don’t come around frequently, it’s important to be attentive and always explore for them.

Ms. Sadikshya responded to a question about the shifting hopes and aims of today’s youth by stating that they should guide their life with the 3ps (paper, passion, principle). According to her, the young people of today draw inspiration from themselves for the good things in their lives.

To preserve the environment,

When asked about the measures Coca-Cola is taking to ensure sustainability and meet the expectations of today’s youth in terms of social responsibility Ms. Sneh shared Coca-Cola has always made an effort to preserve the environment. Whether a project involves collecting rainwater or reintroducing water to the earth, Coca-Cola has long supported environmentally friendly efforts. Coca-Cola also uses glass bottles, which are better for the environment.

In response to the question, what influence social media has on young people’s attitudes and behaviors, Ms Sadikshya claimed that social media is an excellent venue for expressing one’s ideas in this regard. However, one should also be aware of social media’s advantages and disadvantages and should decide for themselves how and why to use it.

Talking about the most important skills for today’s youngsters, Ms Sadikshya responded that she thinks young people have a variety of talents, including the capacity to speak up, persuasion, kindness toward oneself and others, hard work, and thankfulness. Ms Sneh adds that one should continually focus on the details rather than merely hearing the opposing viewpoint and deciding whether or not it interests them.

The moderator asked the panelists why they didn’t discuss male empowerment when they had a discussion about female empowerment, in response to a query from the audience. Both panelists agreed that achieving equality and equity, as well as communal empowerment, should be the focus for everyone.

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