GLOCAL’S History

Rising Step by Step

Glocal Khabar Innaguration


Initiation of Glocal Khabar

Decades of education systems are outdated with theory and practical sessions but not in action-oriented problem-solving courses and activities in the school curriculum. With the belief that age is not the limit to start and turn ideas into action, this project was initiated for the students of class 8-10 to develop self-competent and entrepreneurial mindset. This was a project that led students explore the opportunity to create sustainable entrepreneurship and get trained in school-based environments to realize their self-competencies and implement into action following their creativity.


Initiation of Glocal Teen Hero

Teenagers are causing a global stir by influencing, directing, leading thereby, creating an impact and it was high time we consider their role in building a better world in every way possible. We ourselves encountered many examples but on the flip side of the coin, there were no platforms that was exclusively for teenagers where they can showcase their initiation and creativity. As a result, Glocal Teen Hero was initiated, where we aimed to give wings to teenagers to fly high and conquer their dreams by eliminating the social barriers that often hinder their journey. Through this, we wanted to message out to the society that recognition of teenagers and their work is important. And the legacy continues, year by year!

Glocal Teen Hero 2015


CEO Unplugged

We aimed to establish a forum that discuss about contemporary business challenges, opportunities and futuristic view with a sight of experiential learning to the new comers in the business and students. That is why this event was initiated to give students an opportunity to meet the mover and shakers of the different arenas of entrepreneurial world. And so, this program reflects on “Today Meets Tomorrow”


Initiation of Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero and Glocal International Teen Conference

The year 2017 incepted a first ever International Teen Conference in Nepal. With the growth of Glocal Teen Hero Nepal, we also encountered that the need of empowerment and motivation exist in other countries too. We have seen many youths conferences held in different parts of the world, but none have been initiated focusing on the teenagers. This is where, Glocal International Teen Conference came into play; an opportunity  provided to network with teenagers around the globe, initiate collaborations and identify opportunities for growth, thereby, building long lasting friendships and fostering cultural exchange.

Initiation of Entrepreneurship and Self- Competent Workshop

Decades of education systems are outdated with theory and practical sessions but not in action-oriented problem-solving courses and activities in the school curriculum. With the belief that age is not the limit to start and turn ideas into action, this project was initiated for the students of class 8-10 to develop self-competent and entrepreneurial mindset. This was a project that led students explore the opportunity to create sustainable entrepreneurship and get trained in school-based environments to realize their self-competencies and implement into action following their creativity.

Initiation of Glocal after School

With all the process of working in bringing out passion among young people and recognizing it, we realized the importance of Skills and Learning at different capacities and that led us in starting Glocal After School; dedicated in developing the skills among people by the use of various methods, events, courses and trainings.

self-competenant workshop


Activity-Based Branding

Understanding the need of the brands and their relationship with the potential customers, we developed the idea of Activity Based Branding, where it is the potential target people who opened the door or window, and is willing to receive the information. With an aim to provide win-win situation on both sides, we developed projects such as Business Boot Camp, where learnings and opportunities were provided to young enthusiast.


Glocal Teen Hero India initiation

Glocal Teen Hero started from the year 2015 targeting the teenagers of Kathmandu Valley and later by year 2016 it expanded to the nationwide in order to provide national platform for all the teenagers. To reach among teenagers an activation program was actively conducted in different cities. Likewise, to bring passionate teenagers together from around the world Glocal International Teen Conference was embarked on the third year of 2017 along with Glocal Teen Hero. GTH journey from the 2015 to 2019 has marked as a great history by contributing the nation by developing a platform to empower a teenager to work for the society.

Next with an aim to organize South Asian Glocal Teen Hero by 2020; The initiation started from the neighboring country India in 2019, where we felicitated the first Glocal Teen Hero India 2019. Now, we are moving forward to other South Asian countries forming a global community of Teen Change Makers.

Research on “New Skills for Jobs”

After entering to the field of skilling, we started working on researching about different skillsets and its need, modalities as well. On the same journey, we completed a research project with the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security on the Need of Skills Future Jobs in Nepal, based in Kathmandu.

Initiation of Glocal Pvt. Ltd. Presents Youth Dialogue

Youth Dialogue is a youth-centric discussion session where different personalities are invited from different sectors to share about their initiation, experiences, challenges and motivations. The series was initiated in order to conduct a discussion on various themes and topics that are concerned to youth which is conducted once a month in different colleges. A CSR project in partnership with Coca-Cola and Glocal Pvt. Ltd.



Project Swarogjar

Project Swarogjar essentially is an entrepreneurship development training program designed with the objective to enhance skills, mindset and help in capacity building of upcoming and existing entrepreneurs. NMB Bank partnered with Glocal Pvt Ltd, a CSR and Management consultant to design and implement the project.

Initiation of Skill Week

With an aim of building an ecosystem of for “Skill EDUCATION TO EMPLOYMENT”, a week WAS dedicated to perform workshop related to different skills, skill shows and exhibitions, learning hub and sessions along with entertainment components making this as an infotainment week honoring the skills. A series of 7 days devoted to showcase the accomplishment of people of the nation throughout the year through their works, creativity, development, insights, etc.

Initiation of Online Learning

After the pandemic situation that lead to months of lockdown, We are heading towards building the Glocal After School into an online learning platform, providing effective practice of learning among people by collaborating with our Online Gurus, Educational Institutes, Corporates and of course Learners.

Skill Week
peace making boot-camp
Vivo CSR cosulting


Capacity Building Training on Project Cycle Management (PCM) for PMEP Employment Service Centers Staff Members

The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security; Prime Minister Employment Program has successfully organized 6 hours of Capacity Building Training on Project Cycle Management (PCM) for 1506 local staff of 753 PMEP Employment Service Centers of Nepal. The training was implemented by Glocal After School, a venture of Glocal Pvt. Ltd in support of ILO.

CGIM presents Tech Camp- IT Solutions for Sustainable Tourism

CGIM presents “Tech Camp- IT Solutions for Sustainable Tourism” was conducted in collaboration with Glocal After School. Tech Camp – IT Solution for Sustainable Tourism was a 2- days free non-residential event being organized focusing on problem solving and quick-thinking skills. This camp is especially for the young minds making them come together to UNDERSTAND- ANALYZE- CREATE sustainable solutions for Tourism with IT.

Peacemaking Bootcamp

Peace-Making Boot Camp is a boot camp that was formulated along the lines of the Peace First Labswhich was designed to lead young change makers through the journey of identifying the injustice in their community. The Boot Camp was a week-long event, where young minds was guided in formulating more coherent solutions to the issues they were addressing, also develop their understanding about meeting 2030 Goals and Agendas.

A week-long event was conducted during the camp along with an opportunity to present their project ideas which were directed towards solving injustice in the society hence achieving sustainable development goal. To summarize, a week-long Bootcamp was all about learning, developing senses for personal responsibility, by achieving ways for concrete actions, at the end providing Mini-Grants.

Motivational Session for NLIC

Glocal Pvt. Ltd organized a motivational session for the HODs & staff from Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited. The session was facilitated on February 25 by Mr. Raman Nepali, International Motivational Speaker for your wonderful facilitation & insightful session.


Vivo Nepal in line with its objective of encouraging the need for education & child empowerment, donated Stationery and Food Materials to 76 children from 3 orphanage homes – Orphan & Helpless Children Development Association in Nepal, The New Youth Children Development Society & New Children’s Home. The supplies were handed to the leaders of each orphanage. The event was led by vivo Team in collaboration with Glocal Pvt. Ltd. The event was organized amidst the premises of the Orphan & Helpless Children Development Association in Nepal.


Skill Weeks

Skill week was organized from 21st March – 27th March. It was organized to build the skill-to-employment ecosystem. It was a week-long engaging program designed for youth that involves training, interactions, workshops, competition, and exposure to skill development and inspired them to work in the field of creativity, innovation, and most importantly in the development of the nation.

CEO Unplugged 2022

CEO Unplugged is a yearly forum organized by Glocal Pvt. Ltd. comprising a series of panel discussions where we try to establish a forum to discuss contemporary business challenges, opportunities, and futuristic views with a sight of experiential learning to the newcomer in business and student. This was a one-day session with 2 Moderators, 10 Speakers, and 100 Enthusiasts.

Tech Yatra

Tech Yatra was a virtual event organized on April 20, 2022, 3 pm-5 pm. The aim of this event was to make them understand the technological ability to embrace digital transformation for enduring business success. CEO, Founder, Manager-IT, System Administrators, Develops, Network and System Engineers, Architects and Consultants were the participants of the event.

Knowledge Maestro Online Quiz

Knowledge Maestro Online Quiz was organized on Feb 11, 2022. This was the third edition of the Knowledge Maestro Online Quiz where participants were given two different categories i.e., Tourism & Hospitality and IT & Business. Age between 16-24 were the participants of the quiz. This was a single-round quiz where the cash price for the winner, 1st runner-up, and 2nd runner-up was 15,000, 10,000, and 5,000 respectively.

Tech Camp

Tech Camp is a 2- days free non-residential event that was organized on the 5th and 6th of August organized for focusing on problem-solving and quick-thinking skills. The camp was actually engraved to showcase participants’ versatility, innovative ideas, and fostering learning, with the use of the software. This project-based learning comes together to forge a technology education experience that is authentic, personal, creative, and accessible. The Tech Camp was a platform for young and creative minds to bring out sustainable and impactful solutions utilizing IT skills. It was a forum for young minds to collaborate with other learners in sharing experiences and ideas depicting present IT trends in Nepal, with the use of IT Solutions.

Online and Physical courses

Glocal was uniquely positioned to provide relevant skillful online courses for our enthusiastic learners. The GAS platform provided a wide range of content for both physical and online courses and training, like physical script writing courses, cyber security, public speaking program, career lap graduate program, emotional intelligence, leadership, online IELTS training courses, and so on.

ceo unplugged
tech camp
online course

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