Looking Back at 2021- Year with Opportunities and Possibilities!

The year 2021 has been a great journey with lots of memories, winning accolades, filled with highs and lows, opportunities, challenges but it was also a year of self-reflection, self-understanding, learning and collaboration. This year at Glocal, we set our sights on even more accomplishments and milestones. Apart from the pandemic, we believed we could stand out by assisting people in increasing their skills and talents using online platforms, and we were successful thanks to our incredible staff, helping hands, and generous supporters.


This year we managed to reach more people nationally and internationally through online and offline platforms. We developed a concept which majorly focused on online skill-building activities in Nepal, with an aim to create ‘Step in for Skillful Nepal’ through our project Glocal After School. We started with a mission to equip aspiring individuals with skills and a strong determination to lead the change towards skilled Nepal.

Apart from this, we successfully organized various events, corporate training sessions, competitions, online learning fest, online quiz, online and offline courses with our amazing trainers, facilitators and learners. Coming to this date GAS has successfully conducted over 70+ Live Online Courses; 6 Self-Paced online learning courses along with online webinars & competitions. Some of the remarkable online events organized by Glocal After School are online teacher’s webinars, skillful lockdown competition, world youth skills day celebration, skillful offers for online courses, and exciting festive offers.

With a lot of support from you all and our collaborators, we have been able to work with different corporate houses, educational institutions, diplomatic organizations and government organizations on our projects.  

This year, we have collaborated with Eduten (#1 Digital Math Learning Platform from Finland) to bring digital learning and teaching innovation called Finland Math to school students of Nepal. Meanwhile, we have collaborated with Unschool for bringing skillful self-learning courses on various themes like communication, IT, Business, Science & Technology, Life Skills and many more to the youths & professionals.

Adding to this, the 10 days Capacity Building Training on Project Cycle Management (PCM) was conducted by providing training to 1506 local staff of 753 PMEP Employment Service Centers of Nepal.

Going through our signature project- Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero and Glocal International Teen Conference, we have been working majorly on the development of teenagers, to provide them a platform of opportunities. Today, we have completed 7 consecutive years of awarding teengars and have been recognizing 122 inspiring teenagers from all over South Asian Countries till now. This year, 31 teenagers have been recognized from Nepal, India, and Srilanka for their contribution and impacts in the society. 

With the Glocal International Teen Conference, we are able to reach teenagers from Nepal via Online Platforms sharing the inspiring stories of amazing teenagers and encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone and showcase their abilities and initiations. This year 15 Speakers and 3 Presenters have been selected from different countries to inspire the fellow teenagers through their beautiful insights and experience with active interaction in panel sessions. 

For highlighting teenagers’ stories and their initiation; this year; we initiated different meetup sessions; online workshops (Movers Workshop); webinar series (Gen 20.21: It’s all about Teens); Peacemaking Bootcamp, engagement sessions, and also organized Town Hall Meet Up, a virtual gathering of Glocal Teen Hero Alumni from around the world. Also, we have formed “GTH Alumni Association ” to bring Alumni members together to collaborate and act collectively for sustainable development goals and to give a shared platform for Alumni to execute their initiation and creativity in order to make an impact in society. 

While sharing about our achievements, we organized the 2nd Edition of Skill Week 2021 – a week-long event organized to promote, develop and celebrate skills in the presence of Guest of Honor Mr. Sonam Wangchuk, Engineer turned Education Reformer. On the occasion of the Closing Ceremony of Skill Week 2021, our personalities from four different industries who have ‘achieved success by utilizing their skills’ were honored for their contribution. Along with that we also organized the 6th Edition of CEO Unplugged, a yearly forum where the top CEOs of Nepal come together to share their insights and experience, encouraging the young minds to understand the need, demand and put effort on filling the gap with creative minds and initiating ventures.

Glocal has organized a motivational session for the HODs & staff from Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited. Glocal organized the VIVO CSR Event in collaboration with the vivo Team. They donated Stationery and Food Materials to 76 children from 3 orphanage homesOrphan & Helpless Children Development Association in Nepal, The New Youth Children Development Society & New Children’s Home. 

Adding to this; we organized a monthly series “CocaCola presents Youth Dialogue”, a platform that invites different personalities from different sectors to share their initiation, experiences, challenges and motivation.