Sushila Poudel Career Counselor

Ms. Sushila Poudel is an adept professional with a wealth of expertise in various domain of social sectors. Her education, including a Master’s Degree in Sociology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Counseling Psychology, has formed a strong foundation for her career dedicated to societal improvement and mental well-being.
Her strong commitment to advocating for children’s rights and promoting the rights of girls positions her as a prominent figure in child protection and girls’ rights advocacy. Her profound understanding of gender-based violence, Psycho-Social Counseling, training Facilitation and its implications empowers her to actively combat injustices and create safer environments for all individuals.
Her empathetic approach and deep understanding of human behavior enable her to connect with clients on a profound level, facilitating their journey toward healing and resilience. Sushila is well-versed in social behavior change communication, recognizing the pivotal role of communication in driving meaningful societal transformations. Currently, Sushila serves as a career counselor for Lumbini Province as part of the PCGS project.