Amish Poudel Program Officer

Amish Poudel is a seasoned professional with a diverse academic background, holding an M.A. in Rural Development and a Bachelor’s Degree in Law. He is working as a Program Officer of the PCGS project. He brings a wealth of expertise to the table, specializing in various critical areas. These include Social Behavior Change Communication, Risk Communications, and Community Engagement, alongside adept Training Facilitation skills. 

Amish is also proficient in Monitoring and Evaluation, covering aspects such as Data Quality Audit (DQA), Quality Improvement Project (QIP), Process Evaluation (PE), Technical and Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool (TOCAT), Mapping, and Micro-Planning. Furthermore, he excels in Social Audit processes. With a comprehensive skill set, Amish is dedicated to driving impactful change, fostering community engagement, and ensuring the success of programs through meticulous evaluation and improvement strategies.