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Project Swarojgar

Project Swarogjar essentially is an entrepreneurship development training program designed with the objective to enhance skills, mindset and help in capacity building of upcoming and existing entrepreneurs. NMB Bank partnered with Glocal Pvt Ltd, a CSR and Management consultant to design and implement the project.

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Youth Dialogue

Youth Dialogue is a youth-centric discussion session where different personalities are invited from different sectors to share about their initiation, experiences, challenges, and motivations. The series was initiated in order to conduct a discussion on various themes and topics that are concerned with youth which is conducted once a month in different colleges. A CSR project in partnership with Coca-Cola and Glocal Pvt. Ltd.

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Safety Riding Awareness Campaign

Safety riding has become an utmost important issue especially when we see an increasing number of accidents happening everyday especially to young people who are mostly college students.

Therefore, to make the students more mindful on the road while riding, Glocal Pvt. Ltd organized the Safety Riding awareness program with the trainers from Syakar Honda.

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National Essay Writing Competition

Landmark Education in partnership with Glocal Pvt. Ltd. is organizing the first National Essay Competition 2017 on the theme, ‘Education for Development’. The competition gives students from diverse backgrounds a platform to share their views about improving the current education system of Nepal.

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Business Boot Camp

We Collaborated with CG Learnings, Excel college and Ace Hotels in organizing 4 days residential Business Boot Camp in Club Himalaya, Nagarkot from 17- 21 September 2017. The workshop focused on making business plan, brainstorming, writing, pitching and presenting the idea, with an essence of leadership and personal development. It proved to be a great platform for networking, enjoyment, and recreation as well.

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ESC Workshop

Glocal After School in collaboration with Anurodh Nepal and Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers initiated the project Entrepreneurship and Self- Competent Workshop to develop the entrepreneurial mindset and make the student of grade 8, 9 and 10 more self- competent.

The project started in April 2017 and was divided into two phases: Inside Valley and Outside Valley. The workshop of 6 hours was given to the students at their own school environment where they explored their self-competencies through activities, group works, and guest lectures from national and local entrepreneurs.

4 amazing trainers and 17 inspirational and motivational guest speakers were involved in the project. It facilitated 914 students from 23 different schools from 7 districts of Nepal: Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Siraha, Saptari, Udayapur and Janakpur. After the completion of the workshop entrepreneurs clubs were formed in each school where students implemented their planned activities in school and community through the club.

914 students were trained in 7 districts (Kathmandu, Bhakatpur, Lalitpur, Siraha, Dhanusha, Saptari, Udaypur) in 26 schools. Entrepreneur’s Club was established in these schools after the workshop where best student, best entrepreneur’s club inside and outside valley was felicitated in December 3, 2017 at Nepal Tourism Board.

Gyan Bigyan Entrepreneurs Club was recognized as the best entrepreneurs club overall. Arunima Entrepreneurs Club and Janaki Entrepreneurs Club won the best entrepreneurs club from inside and outside the valley respectively.

Similarly, Rohan Humagain, Bagishwori H.S.S bagged the Best Student Award- Overall. Sisam Rai from Gyan Bigyan School and Sahil K.Gupta from Janaki H.S.S were recognized as the Best Students from inside and outside the valley respectively.

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Capacity Building Training on Project Cycle Management (PCM) for PMEP Employment Service Centres Staff Members

Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security; Prime Minister Employment Program has successfully organised 6 hours of Capacity Building Training on Project Cycle Management (PCM) for 1506 local staff of 753 PMEP Employment Service Centers of Nepal. The training was implemented by Glocal After School, a venture of Glocal Pvt. Ltd in support of ILO.

The 10 days Capacity Building Training on Project Cycle Management (PCM) was conducted by providing training to 753-employment service centres local staff on basic principles of results-based management basics, and communication. Four dynamic trainers facilitated the training who had the experience of leading multiple training programs and consulting services for project planning, mapping, and implementation.

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VIVO CSR Consulting

Vivo Nepal in line with its objective of encouraging the need for education & child empowerment, donated Stationery and Food Materials to 76 children from 3 orphanage homes – Orphan & Helpless Children Development Association in Nepal, The New Youth Children Development Society & New Children’s Home. The supplies were handed to the leaders of each orphanage. The event was led by vivo Team in collaboration with Glocal Pvt. Ltd. The event was organized amidst the premises of the Orphan & Helpless Children Development Association in Nepal.

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Motivational Session for NLIC Staffs

Glocal Pvt. Ltd organized a motivational session for the HODs & staff from Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited. The session was facilitated on February 25 by Mr. Raman Nepali, International Motivational Speaker for your wonderful facilitation & insightful session.

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Waste Management Training in co-ordination with Janakpur Sub Metropolitan City

Glocal Pvt. Ltd in coordination with Janakpur Sub Metropolitan City & Agrima Academy, Lahan conducted the training for waste management, training in producing Organic Manure using compost bin and vermicomposting to the local farmers in nearby villages of Janakpur!