Coca-Cola presents Youth Dialogue is a monthly series of youth-focused discussion sessions organized by Glocal Pvt. Ltd. A platform where different people from different sectors share their experiences, challenges, and motivations.

Youth dialogue delivered fascinating sessions on a variety of topics like sport, environment, entertainment, business, culture, and tourism to develop skills for an ever-changing market. The speakers of the program include youth influencers, skillful people, entrepreneurs, politicians, and celebrities. It is a 1- hour long discussion series that contains a live audience and later it will be broadcast through YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Youth Dialogue’s eighth episode conversed on the topic of “Sports for Inclusive Development.” An enlightening and incredibly invigorating session ended with a successful presence of students amidst an event at the premises of the IST College, Gyaneshwor. The dialogue had the presence of three amazing personalities as the invitees of the Youth Dialogue and they were:

  1. Mr. Aamir Akhtar, CEO/MD of Everest Premier League; 
  2. Mr. Hem Raj Hamal, Program Coordinator at Action Sports & 
  3. Ms. Shristi Shrestha Thapa, National Tennis Coach at National Sports Council.

The discussion was moderated by Ms. Saru Pyakurel, Corporate Manager at Glocal Pvt. Ltd.

Here’s gist of the discussion

The event began with the Opening Remarks by Ms. Samjhana Basnyat, Principal at IST College, followed up with an invigorating discussion about the Sports sector here in Nepal. The Panelists shared their experiences working in the sports fraternity, sharing their challenges, and their motivation. They also talked about the importance of sports for the self-development of individuals. The most exciting part of the discussion was they shared the most essential skills that each sportsperson needs to have. 

In response to the question of what is the most exciting part of being in the sports fraternity, Mr. Akhtar shared that sport is never a different industry or different activity, sport is actually a lifestyle now in modern life. The first thing that a sportsperson needs is punctuality; they need to understand the importance of every minute. Similarly, Ms. Shrestha added that sport is important for all; from Children to Old aged people. Firstly, those who are engaged in sports maintain discipline and helps to maintain physical and mental health. In addition, Mr. Hamal shared that through sports we can achieve more sense, more discipline, and all mankind things which are needed for life. Sport determines who you really are; win-lose, acceptance, adjustment. 

Speaking about the perspective regarding self-development through sports, Mr. Akhtar shared that we don’t need to be professional athletes; but spending little time for your body sports helps a lot. If you are doing team sports, whether football or cricket, that gives you a lot of spirits about understanding each other and others’ potential. Somewhere you should incorporate sports into our lifestyles. 

Being disciplined, believing in yourself; being confident and acceptance of changes in life are very essential for sports according to Mr. Akhtar. The discussion led toward the changes needed to develop the sports sector; Mr. Hamal shared that Nepal is an underdeveloped country, and People show very low attention to sports. Similarly, sports in Nepal are Medal oriented rather than a field of growing yourselves. There are more than 200 sports associations, but only around 50 are active; budgets segregated for sports are not utilized properly. In conclusion, the biggest problem in sports is the budget. Similarly, Sports culture has not changed yet; we have failed to adopt it as a lifestyle. 

In addition

Mr. Akhtar shared how the cricket industry is progressing, from the perspective of the youth in sports & he also highlighted the importance of learning skills that will help youths shape their vision. Likewise, Mr. Hamal, as the Sports Journalist shared different ways to develop the sports sector & he also talked about how sports can make a person develop their leadership quality. Likewise, he shared about the current challenges that a youth needs to face in the sports sector.


Ms. Shrestha, as a coach shared her experience as a trainer & also discussed the career aspects for youth in terms of the sports sector. She explained about the potential development of the sports sector & she also shared about her memorable career movement.

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