Youth dialogue 2.0 - Empowering Youth to Pursue Passion & Careers

Glocal Pvt. Ltd. organizes the monthly series of youth-focused discussion sessions known as Coca-Cola Presents Youth Dialogue 2.0.  It is a platform where different people from different sectors share their experiences, challenges, and motivations.

Youth dialogue 2.0 delivered fascinating sessions on a variety of topics like sport, environment, entertainment, business, culture, and tourism to develop skills for an ever-changing market. The speakers of the program include youth influencers, skillful people, entrepreneurs, politicians, and celebrities. The discussion series is one hour long and includes a live audience.

Youth Dialogue 2.0

This episode of Coca-Cola presents Youth Dialogue on the topic “Empowering Youths to Pursue Passion and Careers” and ends with a successful presence of students amidst an event held at the premises of Nepal College of Management, Dhobighat, Lalitpur.

The dialogue had the presence of three distinguished panelists as the invitees of the Youth Dialogue and they were:

1.Ms. Sristi KC, Founder of Blind Rocks

2. Mr. Kiran Nepali, musician, Director at Project Sarangi 

3. Ms. Sampada Malla, Film Writer & Theatre Person

Here is the gist of the discussion,

Upon being asked about their passion during their highschool days, Ms. Shristi shared she had a passion for art, dancing, theater, and communications. She recalled the lack of platforms that encouraged the idea of turning one’s passion into a profession then. Despite facing challenges, including losing her sight at the age of 16, she pursued her passion by merging justice and art. She then started an organization called Blind Rocks, which uses art as a tool for social change and advocates for the rights of persons with disabilities and blindness.

When talking about how their youth  day’s  passion and decision shaped their current  profession, Ms. Sampada expressed her gratitude for her father’s influence on her passion and mindset emphasizing the importance of subconscious grooming in shaping one’s mindset. Although she had a passion for art, she chose to study commerce in high school, recognizing the importance of business knowledge in art and media. She remembered her decision to pursue film in her master’s degree despite her father’s initial suggestion to study theater instead of film. 

Mr. Kiran Nepali, the founder of Project Sarangi, shared his musical journey as a guitarist. After  the age of 23, when he discovered his passion for playing the sarangi, there was no looking back ever since. His initiative, Project Sarangi  promotes and sustains the traditional musical instrument sarangi. He encourages the audience to take risks, follow their dreams, and develop their own skills to excel in their chosen fields.

How we can help empower youths to follow their passion as a career,

Ms. Shristi responded she believes that self-empowerment is crucial in today’s changing world. She encourages individuals to actively seek opportunities for empowerment, as it helps them develop consciousness and make ethical decisions. Ms. KC emphasizes the importance of self-belief, seizing opportunities, and defining one’s own life. She encourages giving one’s best in all life phases, aiming for personal success rather than external rankings.

Ms. Sampada criticizes the lack of parental support in the arts sector and emphasizes the importance of  self-motivation and determination despite facing demotivation from others.She disapproves of parents pushing their children into certain fields and advocates for students to reflect on their individuality, talents, skills, and passions when choosing their career paths. She further highlights the success of Glocal, which has produced numerous skilled writers for the Nepali film industry. She highlights the growth and achievements of the industry, debunking the perception that Nepali films are unpopular. 

Mr. Kiran believes that pursuing one’s passion involves taking risks and prioritizing happiness over conventional success. Regardless of one’s current status, as long as they are content, they are on the right path. Following dreams, maintaining consistency, and giving maximum effort are crucial in pursuing one’s passion. He emphasizes the importance of avoiding comparisons with others and focusing on personal growth. He encourages exploring different avenues, engaging in social interactions, and researching activities such as smartphones and online resources, to support the journey. Ultimately, the key is to find happiness while pursuing one’s passion.

Skills to excel in the field of passion in today’s competitive market? 

According to Ms. Shristi In today’s competitive market, three important skills for youths to excel in their field of passion are Communication skills, Mastering effective communication in both personal and professional life; Leadership skills, Developing leadership abilities helps in shouldering responsibilities and taking ownership of work and Patience, having the ability to exercise patience is important, as instant results are not always achievable. One should persevere through challenges and put effort into achieving their goals.

Additionally, Ms. Sampada highlighted the importance of pursuing one’s passion despite societal pressure to prioritize earning money. She emphasizes that careers in arts and films can be lucrative and highlights the need for skilled management professionals in the industry.

Mr. Kiran emphasizes the significance of self-learning and acquiring skills outside of traditional education. Personal skills and unique approaches differentiate individuals in their chosen fields. It is crucial to discover what sets you apart and how you can add your personal touch to your work.

Role of networking and mentorship  in empowering youth to pursue their career?

Addressing the question, Mr. Kiran said networking and mentorship play crucial roles in empowering youth to pursue their careers. Networking helps build a strong network that can be immensely valuable. Similarly connecting with the right people can provide opportunities, resources, and support. It helps in promoting yourself as a brand and exploring relevant connections in one’s field of interest.

Having a mentor is highly beneficial too. A mentor serves as a guiding figure, providing advice, support, and sharing their own experiences and knowledge.With wise suggestions from experts of their field, Youths can  make informed decisions and navigate their career paths effectively.

Ms. Shristi emphasizes providing opportunities for youth engagement is essential, such as volunteering and internships. These hands-on experiences help individuals explore their true passions and challenge conventional norms and standards. She added “Youths  are welcome to our workshop, which is organized through a reverse inclusion approach, where we blindfold non-disabled individuals to help them understand and appreciate life without sight”.

In the context of the Nepali film industry, Ms. Sampada highlights the need for skilled management professionals. The industry lacks proper management, and there is a demand for individuals who can handle finances, HR, and other aspects. Youth interested in the film industry are encouraged to bring their management skills and contribute to its growth.

Overall the discussion was highly engaging and beneficial to the participants. The dialogue series has covered a wide range of topics and featured influential speakers, fostering inspiration and skill development among the youth. The Youth Dialogue 2.0 has played a vital role in inspiring and empowering the youth to pursue their passions and make a positive impact in their chosen fields.

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