Glocal Pvt. Ltd. organizes the monthly series of youth-focused discussion session known as Coca-Cola presents Youth Dialogue.  It is a platform where different people from different sectors share their experiences, challenges, and motivations.

Youth dialogue delivered fascinating sessions on a variety of topics like sport, environment, entertainment, business, culture, and tourism to develop skills for an ever-changing market. The speakers of the program include youth influencers, skillful people, entrepreneurs, politicians, and celebrities. The 1-hour long discussion series includes a live audience and will be broadcast later through YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

The eleventh episode of Coca-Cola presents Youth Dialogue conversed on the topic “Make in Nepal”and ended with a successful presence of students amidst an event held at the premises of Shubashree College of Management, New Baneshwor. The dialogue had the presence of three distinguished panelists as the invitees of the Youth Dialogue and they were:

  1. Mr. Durai Murugan, Country Supply Chain Director, Bottler’s Nepal
  2. Ms. Romita Lamichhane, Deputy Director, CNI
  3. Dr. Suyesh Karki, CEO, Doctors on Call, Nepal.

The discussion was moderated by Ms. Saru Pyakurel, Corporate Manager at Glocal Pvt. Ltd.

Here is the gist of the discussion,

The Government of Nepal and the Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) jointly launched the MAKE IN NEPAL campaign to create a national climate that promotes domestic industrial production. “The movement aims to boost regional businesses and industries’ competitiveness and raise demand for Nepalese products and services.

The Make in Nepal — Swadeshi Movement is a multi-year initiative promoting industrial development. The Swadeshi movement aims to promote Nepali products and services while encouraging local development and domestic consumption.

The panel discussed the Swadeshi campaign, the panelists’ experiences working on it, and developing an entrepreneurial mindset in youth.

Mr. Durai introduced the Swadeshi campaign and emphasized its aims, along with successful initiatives led by Bottler’s Nepal. He highlighted the company’s focus on consumer preference and sustainability, and how it has enabled them to be competitive in a growing market. Despite challenges, Coca-Cola has been manufacturing and supplying its flagship products in Nepal for over 4 decades, with a commitment to ensuring environmental sustainability and a better future for young minds.

Our Panelists,

Ms. Lamichhane highlighted effective communication, learning and focus as major skills for young entrepreneurs when asked. Similarly, as a young entrepreneur, they must be constantly seeking education and progress on both a personal and company-wide level. In addition, she shared about Swadeshi Abhiyan that the name itself defines everything. Nepal has to still rely on bigger countries like India and China for every little product. So, this Abhiyan aims to make Nepal self-sufficient in the economy. 

Dr. Karki shared that the Abhiyan aims to boost demand for Nepal-manufactured goods and services both domestically and internationally. The Swadeshi campaign aims to achieve its goal by encouraging Nepali manufacturing, advancing Nepalese industries, and creating job opportunities.

When asked about the slogan – “एक कलको भरमा डाक्टर घर घरमा”, Dr. Karki shared more about the services provided by Doctors on Call Nepal. He stated that the organization is working towards making healthcare accessible, affordable, and equitably available by providing home-based care services and digital healthcare services.

In 2018, Dr. Karki and his friends founded Doctors on Call Nepal, a leading home healthcare service provider with a new concept in the health sector. Their aim is to meet the health and well-being needs of every individual, especially those who are chronically ill, housebound, and elderly. With experienced and qualified medical professionals like doctors, nurses, dieticians, and health assistants, they provide convenient and quality home healthcare facilities. Recognizing the challenges of a large number of people leaving the country for foreign employment and education, leaving few to take care of the sick ones, Doctors on Call Nepal brings hospital services to the patient’s home.

In the end,

Mr. Durai suggested young minds be visionary and work to achieve their milestone. They should be open to investing in their ideas, trial, and error, and work to achieve their vision. He said he felt young being on the mass and sharing his thoughts with young people. 

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